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TRAFFIC LIGHT IMAGECommunity sports clubs help people to be active and feel connected to their local community. As well as being places to share a passion for sport, grassroots clubs are key to member health and wellbeing – both on and off the field. The food and drinks available or promoted at your club effect how healthy the club environment is overall.

In this toolkit you will find resources to help your club introduce healthier food and drink options. The tools have been created and curated by experts in healthy eating and/or sport and recreation to assist your club to make the switch.

Many of the resources in this toolkit are based on the Victorian Government Healthy Choices Guidelines1, which use a traffic light system2 to classify food and drinks according to how healthy they are. Leisure centres, schools and workplaces also use these resources.

How to Use this Toolkit

 1. Getting started

 If your club is at the beginning of your healthy canteen journey, then this is a great place to start. In this section you will find some quick and easy ‘wins’ and tips for getting the whole club on board.

 2. Fresh and Tasty Food

 Whether you cook and prepare in-house or buy from a supplier or your local supermarket, the resources in this section will point you towards healthier options.

 3. Healthy and Hydrating Drinks

 Water is the best way to stay hydrated when being active. The resources and strategies in this section will help you to promote healthy hydration at your club. There’s some great tips to reduce single-use plastics, too!


You can navigate to the sections of the toolkit that interest you on this website or download the full toolkit by clicking on the link below.

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