image shows young man using a blender with the words 'feed happiness' overlaying imageThe Feed Happiness social media campaign was designed to increase understanding of how the foods we eat can support and promote positive mental health. It put the spotlight on how eating lots of fruit, veg, nuts, seeds and grains helps us to manage stress, boost mood and be our best - at work, school, home and play.

Feed Happiness ran over four weeks in February-March 2021, at a time when COVID-19 challenges made us all the more aware of the importance of building resilience and wellbeing. It was delivered by a partnership of nineteen local community and health organisations, including members of the SMPCP Healthy Eating Working Group.

The project included training for partners by Common Cause Australia on how best to frame campaign messages to get audiences engaged and inspired to act.

SMPCP is proud to have been part of the Feed Happiness Steering Group, along with Enliven Victoria, Monash Health and Peninsula Health.

As a first of its kind in the Southern Metropolitan Region, the evaluation of the campaign and the partnership process has been widely shared to help inform others looking to run similar campaigns. It includes full datasets and copies of the data collection tools.

Download the Feed Happiness evaluation documents via the links below:

image shows text and pictures describing the Feed Happiness social media campaign       image shows front cover of Feed Happiness evaluation report text on orange background with fresh fruit highlights      

image shows front cover of appendices for the Feed Happiness Evaluation report. A smiling Indian woman serves food to her family with the text 'Feed Happiness' overlaying the image

  Campaign snapshot (Infographic)    Evaluation Report    Evaluation Report Appendices 


To see all the information, tips and resources posted during the campaign, visit the Feed Happiness Facebook and Instagram pages.

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