Youth in Action

The theme today is ‘Youth in Action’. So, let’s talk about young people. We know that not only do young women aged 18-24 experience significantly higher rates of physical and sexual violence than older women; but we also know that young people have a vital role to play in leading efforts to end violence against women and girls.

Australia has approximately 3.75 million young people aged between 12 – 24 years and many are passionately concerned about not only their own future, but the direction that we as a society are heading in. Adolescence is a great time to open the conversation and to start questioning outdated gender stereotypes and behaviours that perpetuate violence and discrimination.

So how can young people help to end violence against women and girls?

Well, we think The Line website is a pretty good place to start. It has been developed for young people to engage in preventing violence against women and to “talk about relationships, gender, sex, bystander action, technology and communication. To talk about how to keep behaviours healthy and respectful, and avoid crossing the line that makes someone feel frightened, intimidated or diminished.”

It is essential that the voices of our young people are heard and we take strong action together in order to move closer to equality and justice.

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