In 2008  Alfred Health investiged the impact of diabetes on their services and across the service system. This lead to the formation of the South East Bayside Diabetes Alliance (SEBDA). The alliance comprised twelve key agencies responsible for diabetes services across the Inner South East and Bayside catchments who in 2009 agreed to work in partnership to improve care continuums and collaboration across health care settings for the management of diabetes. Agencies in the partnership included:

  • Alfred Health
  • Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute
  • Bayside GP Network
  • Bentleigh Bayside Community Health
  • Central Bayside Community Health Services
  • Diabetes Australia-Victoria
  • Inner South Community Health
  • Inner South East Partnerships in Community Health
  • Kingston Bayside Primary Care Partnership
  • Monash Division of General Practice
  • Royal District Nursing Service
  • Southcity GP Services







The project aimed “To improve access to appropriate care for people with diabetes in the Inner South East and Kingston Bayside community through the development of a catchment wide, co-ordinated model of care.”

Project Plan
Seven key goals were developed, based on the primary focus to improve client access to appropriate diabetes services. Over a two year time frame the project aimed to source and develop the required pathways and supports to improve client access to diabetes services and to build a platform for improving service coordination and integration.

SEBDA Project Goals:

  1. Facilitate clinician and client access to information about the range of local diabetes services
  2. Facilitate availability of appropriate, common and clear referral resources and decision supports for clinicians
  3. Identify and clarify referral pathways for people with diabetes between acute, primary and private sectors
  4. Improve collaboration between local service providers
  5. Explore partner agencies capacity to collect data on number of clients receiving diabetes care and develop an evidence base for improved service integration
  6. Determine current distribution and availability of diabetes services in local catchment (to explore opportunities for improvement)
  7. Identify and explore the enablers and barriers to service access for vulnerable groups of people with diabetes


The SEBDA triangle is a framework that has been developed for diabetes management and referral. It can be used by anybody working with an individual with diabetes and their family/carer as a guide to how individual needs can be appropriately managed.

The framework is based on the principle that it is the level of complexity and risk that determines the appropriate management and the appropriate service.The triangle is interactive and allows the user to be guided to a local diabetes service provider appropriate for their patient/client.

The interactive version of the triangle is hosted on the Diabetes Australia (Vic) website.


SEBDA Framework


pdfPartnership Evaluation Results 2010 - 425.14 KB

A range of mapping, planning, framework and case study documents are available in relation to this project. Please contact Ailsa Gregory, 8587 0148 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like more information.

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