In March 2010 a needs assessment was conducted by the Inner South East Partnership In Community Health (ISEPiCH). Results indicated a large proportion of organisations were requesting a ‘toolkit of solutions for food security issues’ to enable them to deal with food insecure individuals. A Food Security and Nutrition Working Group was formed and the 'Food Security Toolkit' project was launched to assist these agencies. The project aimed to increase workforce capacity of local organisations in addressing food insecurity through the development of resources to be included in a Food Security Toolkit.  

The toolkit was pre-tested with a variety of key stakeholders within the Inner South East region who were in contact with food insecure individuals. The different demographics of each local government area (Glen Eira, Port Phillip and Stonnington), resulted in conflicting views regarding each of the resources contained in the toolkit.  Building workforce capacity, through the provision of resources, is a sustainable method of decreasing the prevalence of food insecurity amongst vulnerable individuals.

The Food Security Toolkit is designed to assist in:

  • Identifying clients who are at risk of or experiencing food insecurity
  • Recognising the contributing factors to food insecurity
  • Directing an individual to appropriate services which will help to address the contributing factors

Before downloading and using the resources below, you may find it useful to read the background pamplet Your food security toolkit explained which outlines the various resources and how they can be used.

What is food security?
Identification tool

Food Security Risk Assessment Tool 

Barriers to food security

 What Is Food Security Identification Poster 2015  fs risk assess  Barriers to Food Security Poster 2015

Improving food access
Referral pathway booklet

Improving food access
Referral pathway poster

 Referral Pathways Cover Page  Referrals Poster With Stickers 2015  

Money Matters

Movin' and Consumin'
Learn Cook Grow
 money matters  Movin n consumin  learn cook grow 1
Health Hurdles
Community Connections
Ehtnic Eats
 health hurdles 1  community connections  ethnic eats
Butt out the Binge
 butt out the binge    

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