In 2019 the SMPCP EAPN Steering Committee conducted a rapid review of primary prevention literature as it relates to elder abuse. The review sought to examine four key questions:

  1. What does the current literature tell us that is relevant to primary prevention in the context of elder abuse?
  2. What is the intention of prevention in managing elder abuse?
  3. Do the current strategies that are used to prevent violence against women and their children (as part of the broader work in family violence) apply easily to preventing elder abuse?
  4. What should be included in a primary prevention framework for elder abuse specifically?

Issues such as definitions, prevalence, risk factors, the relationship with family violence, drivers and prevention strategies are all explored. The paper concludes with four recommendations for future work which relate to the development of a specific elder abuse prevention framework, investment in primary prevention strategies and policy and evaluation development.

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Members of the SMPCP EAPN celebrate the launch of the literature review. Commissioner for Senior Victorians and Ambassador for Elder Abuse Prevention, Gerard Mansour is pictured centre.

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