e healthSecure electronic communication systems enable health and community services to share client information and management of consumer information using encrypted email across a secure platform. Southern Melbourne PCP promotes the use of secure e-referral and secure messaging practices in keeping with privacy legislation, agency accreditation standards and National standards for secure messaging.

Secure electronic systems support service and care coordination by:

  • Encouraging good communication between services across the spectrum of care including at referral, assessment, care planning and care completion
  • Reducing duplication of information
  • Enhancing consumer privacy and participation

Secure communication within the SMPCP catchment is available via two vendors:


Connectingcare is a secure messaging solution and online service directory (National Health Services Directory) which has been in existence since 1998. Connectingcare is used to securely send referrals and other documents and messages between health and community agencies including General Practice via Argus.

For more information and support visit Connectingcare or contact the Health & Community Services Team at HealthConnex on   1800 913 914

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Infoxchange (S2S) 

Service-to-Service (S2S) applications are designed to promote inter-agency communication, making it simpler to effectively coordinate client care.

S2S facilitates the sharing of information (with appropriate client consent), building a client history that extends beyond a single service or agency. This supports health and community workers to make better informed decisions about client care.

S2S utilises the Infoxchange Service Seeker database and also links to the National Health Services Directory for interoperability with Argus for referral communication with General Practice.

For information and support visit S2S4networks or call   03 9418 7466.

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