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Whether you cook and prepare in-house or buy from a supplier or your local supermarket, the resources in this section will point you towards healthier food options. If you need some tips to get you started, check out our Getting started section first. If you would like to add healthy drinks to your menu, check out our Healthy and hydrating drinks section.


Quick wins for better presentation

Quick Wins For Better Presentation

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  Quick Wins for Better Presentation

 Promoting healthy canteen options

Promoting Healthy Canteen Options

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Promoting Healthy Canteen Options doc

 Healthy choices
meal deal examples

Healthy Choices Meal Deals Examples

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Healthy Choices Meal Deals Examples doc

 Menu planning - Tips and tricks

Menu Planning Tips and Tricks

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Menu Planning Tips and Tricks doc

 Going green - Healthy swaps

Going Green Healthy Swaps

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Going Green Healthy Swaps doc

 Healthy food and beverages

Healthy Food and Beverages Master Menu Changes

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Healthy Food and Beverages Master Menu Changes doc

 Healthy BBQ ideas

Healthy BBQ Ideas

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Healthy BBQ Ideas doc

 Green up the menu

Green up the Menu

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Green Up the Menu doc

 SMJFL Health Club Canteens
Implementation Guide

SMJFL Healthy Club Canteens ΓÇö Implementation Guide

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SMJFL Healthy Club Canteens Implementation Guide doc

 Fuelling active kids

Fuelling Active Kids

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Fuelling Active Kids A Guide doc

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Better Health Channel

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Health Issues Centre

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