grandma granddaughterIn response to recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence, the Victorian Government is funding the establishment of 10 elder abuse networks to collaborate at a community level and focus on the prevention of elder abuse.

SMPCP have been selected as the partner network for our catchment and will be collaborating with the Monash Health Integrated Model of Care to Elder Abuse Implementation Steering Committee to establish the local Elder Abuse Prevention Network (EAPN).

The SMPCP EAPN will seek to:

  • connect practitioners working with older community members, their families and carers
  • utilise a co-design approach in the development and delivery of elder abuse awareness activities
  • focus on primary prevention activities
    • address the drivers of elder abuse including ageist attitudes in the community
    • conduct elder abuse awareness activities with older people, their families, carers and general community 
    • utilise social media as a platform for community engagement and to facilitate the dissemination of primary prevention messages
  • collaborate to develop referral policies and interagency protocols

A working group will be formed in early 2018 to guide the development of the EAPN and the delivery of primary prevention activities.

To express interest in participating in the SMPCP EAPN Working Group please contact:

Michelle Spragg
Project Lead
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
8587 0107
0477 401 031


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