Men and Boys in Action

Men and boys have an important role to play in ending violence against women. The road towards a world without violence requires transforming men’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

Many men are often silent in the face of violence, sexual assault or attitudes which excuse or minimise violence and control in relationships. To prevent violence against women, men and boys have to challenge the beliefs and behaviours that excuse, justify or condone violence and inequality.

Locally both Kingston and Port Phillip Council have produced videos which show men how to Say No to Violence and Help Draw the line

The emerging evidence base shows that approaches to prevent violence against women and girls that engage men and boys work, and a growing number of initiatives, programs and organisations are now working towards that end. “We need to say to men and boys: Do not raise your hands in violence—raise your voices to stop it—and to support human rights for all.” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.


#Image developed by the Integrated Family Violence Partnership

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