International Women Human Rights Defenders Day

Today we commemorate the activism, advocacy and courageous acts of resistance of women human rights defenders.

So, why do we single out women human rights defenders specifically? Well, women human rights defenders are not only subjected to the same types of risks as any other human rights defender; including threats, death threats, imprisonment, harassment, stigmatisation, torture and even death; but they are also subjected to gender-specific threats and gender-specific violence. Women human rights defenders are often advocating issues that challenge traditional notions of family and gender roles in society. Gender inequality is at the heart of violations against women human rights defenders.

Here are just a few that we think are pretty inspirational, but there’s many more out there. 

Samah Hadid – Women’s rights and anti-poverty campaigner from Australia
Gillian Triggs- President of the Australian Human Rights Commission and legal expert
Mu Sochua- Politician and women's rights advocate

Today, we thank these women for their hard work and courage, and we acknowledge that the world is a better place because of their tireless efforts.

#Image developed by the Integrated Family Violence Partnership

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